Our Services

We minimize our customer’s inconvenience after a collision by assisting with any repair related details, providing the highest quality parts and materials available and superior workmanship through highly trained technicians.


From the interior to the exterior, we take care of your entire vehicle. We use the highest quality parts in the repair of your car or truck. At Webster Auto body, all of our technicians are skilled craftsmen who have worked years in their trade. Our estimate and repair systems incorporate the latest computerized technology that allows us to find and repair hidden damage even the most thorough visual inspections miss. And we insure the integrity of our work with a lifetime guarantee. From the latest foreign and domestic models to your full size pickup or SUV, we will repair your vehicle to your complete satisfaction.


Our paint system uses the latest in precision and advanced technology to deliver the highest quality paint finishes available that continue to exceed our customer’s expectations. From BMW, Mercedes and Toyota, to exact matches for all American and Japanese cars – our process guarantees a beautiful finish and a perfect match.


Repairing today’s vehicles to full, pre-accident condition requires extensive knowledge of complex, computerized mechanical systems. Air bag monitoring systems, computerized engine controls, radios, temperature sensors and more require the latest tools and specialized test equipment. At Webster Auto Body, we deal with all of these systems and more everyday. Our certified technicians are trained in all aspects of vehicle repair.